… this is it – made of plastic!

With precision and passion for quality

We, the Farchant-based GEPE Geimuplast GmbH, are a traditional, medium-sized plastic-processing company and part of Gepe, a worldwide group of companies.

Our activities range from animal identification, to precision parts for the automotive industry, and specialty products in the field of photography. We are known for being an extremely reliable supply partner that is able to professionally handle complex challenges and convinces with outmost precision and very high quality.

We consistently implement this experience and expertise in all areas of our business.

  • 65 years of experience in injection molding
  • Use of special plastics
  • Processing of various plastic combinations
  • Specific ways of processing
  • All at a very high level of precision
  • Specialties in series
Fertigung nach Kundenanforderung

GEPE Components

Innovative Tierkennzeichnung

GEPE Q-flex®

Fotozubehör für professionelle Fotographie


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